Szczawnica has become a spa thanks to its unique microclimate and the acid mineral springs. The climate of Szczawnica is one of the mildest ones of all Polish mountain spas. The weather is often sunny, the day and night temperatures vary little, it rains rarely, and the atmospheric pressure is medium. Besides, the air is suitable for those with allergies; winters are sunny and snowy, and summers are mild. Thus, Szczawnica is a favourable place for the, patients with respiratory diseases.

At the moment there are seven main springs in Szczawnica. The Szymon, Wanda, and Pitoniakówka springs, placed near the cable railway, are made available to the public, whereas the Józefina, Stefan, Jan, and Magdalena springs can be used in the sanatorium and in the pump-room "Magdalena" and the "Old" pump-room. The mineral waters are helpful in the treatment of respiratory diseases, as well as of the alimentary canal and the urinary organs disorders, because, due to their compositions, they neutralise acids, dilute mucus, and help to alleviate inflammatory conditions. Apart from the medicinal properties of the springs, the sanatoriums in Szczawnica are also well-equipped with the pneumatic chambers used for inhalations. Various physical disabilities are also treated in Szczawnica.


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